These Satanic Demon Gods also have Satanic Rituals like the Palladian Rite whereby they can download into a body so as to manage their World plantation.
The Satanic 10,000 years old process using Torture, Drugs and Hypnotism in order to Deeply Implant Demon Programs from birth
She ordered me to learn the great spirit of the Samurai. Because I was totally pathetic when I left my previous marriage. Then, I came across Kendo.
Meditation is the hidden weapon of the Satanic Elite who control the World and no-one knows this. Thus everyone is completely unprepared, completely…
Snakes in the Solar Plexus, an Incubus, the sub-personalities in everybody around me.
The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on Sitting in Sirius Chakra and the meaning of the Red Lipstick - POISON!
Logan Esoteric - Slow Poisoning, Brain Damage, GMO, Fluoride, MRNA...
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